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  • April 8, 2015

The Secret Ingredient

Parents often as me what it takes to make it to the big leagues.  Before I answer that question, let me tell you some other things I have learned from these conversations.  Parents of young hockey players are a dedicated group who will do anything for their children.  It is great to see this type of commitment to their kids development!    If the children need help at school, these parents help, if they are behind in sports, they bring them to sports schools.  Hockey parents are a special group.  Now back to the question of ‘what it takes to make it’.  I usually respond by telling them it is the resilient hockey player who will succeed.  Players who deal with bad games, set backs and other obstacles while at the same time are able to push forward towards their goals, are the ones who make it.   This skill, and I use that term on purpose, is often overlooked.  It must be developed and encouraged in our children.  When your child faces adversity, help them work through it, in a way you would want them to approach a similar problem down the road. Youth sports provide many opportunities for children to face adversity.  Use these opportunities to develop resilient children.  It will be one of the most important skills your child will use the rest of the lives.