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  • December 16, 2014

The Art of the Prank

Everyone knows professional athletes like to have fun at work and some of you have probably heard about players playing pranks on one another.  There are a few  keys to a great prank.  No one can get hurt, never embarrass your employer and never tell the victim who performed the prank.  Below are some pranks I have heard that other players were involved in (wink wink);

THE CLASSICS:  these are timeless, simple, and they always get the reaction you want and don’t hurt too bad.

The face wash:  Leave the top of the water bottle off so the next player to use it gets a little more water than they ask for.

Water bottle shower: Place a cup of water under a players helmet in the locker stall.  When the player grabs the helmet to put it on, they receive a little shower and hear a room full of laughs.

Ring with a sting: Turn a players cell phone ringer on to loud, plant the phone on them and then call them during an important meeting.  Watching the player scramble to turn it off is great but, the coach’s death stare is always the best.


The next three doozies are creative and they sting a little more than the classics;


Short pants: Messing with people’s clothes must be done to someone with a good sense of humour. With the short pants prank you or your accomplice must know how to use a sewing machine.  Grab your victims pants while he is working out and fold in the bottom six inches of their pants and use a sewing machine to do a nice inseam stitch to hold it.  When they go to put on their pants later they will will be rocking the Huckleberry Finn pants home.  This technique can be used on ties as well.

Stolen Car: Start out by stealing your victim’s keys from their change stall when they are not around. Proceed to moving their car to a random location and then place the keys back where you found them.   When they go to their car later, they will believe it will was stolen and panic.  Now you must make a decision.  Do you inform them of the prank before they call the authorities or not?

Home town Hero: This is always done to rookies.  When a player plays in his home town for the first time, they are always fired up and ready to go before the game.  The veterans tell that player to lead the team on the ice before the game. When the player hits the ice, the rest of the players stop and allow the rookie to skate around the ice by himself.  This one is harmless and a great way to help the young kid to relax before the drop of the puck. I know this prank well, because the Thrashers did it to me in Toronto.


I can not wait to meet my new teammates  for next season. I will have 23 new players who have no idea what I have in store for them.  This is going to be a great season ; )